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Originally from Denmark, Allan Petersen grew up near the city of Copenhagen. He learned woodworking, carpentry, and lathe work in Europe. Allan's first experiments in woodworking were inspired by wooden toys, games, and puzzles -- specifically, an interest in backgammon, cribbage, and other board games. In his spare time he designed and built several boards. Game boards lend themselves to high-contrast woods, but also teach a woodworker precise angles, the importance of sanding smooth, and techniques to finish wood so that it shines.


Allan also developed a keen interest in the design of geometric spheres. And that was inspired by the sport of footbag (Hacky Sack), one in which he became a six-time world champion. During the time that Allan was traveling the world to compete in footbag championships, he funded his trips by sewing and selling footbags. As a street performer shredding and demonstrating tricks, he would sell his footbags to interested spectators. He even sold a few of his footbag designs to Wham-o!, the owner of the Hacky Sack™ brand.Sewing footbags on the road, Allan began moving beyond the basic soccer ball construction, creating different geometric designs using varying numbers of fabric panels (from 1 to 452). Having created such complex spherical designs, Allan was flown by Wham-O! to Hong Kong to demonstrate to footbag makers there how to stitch the patterns.

A basic soccer ball shape is composed of 12 pentagons and 20 hexagons, such as in the lamp he designed at left. Eventually Allan began creating the same spherical designs using blocks of wood he shaped into triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and squares. The connecting dowels between the wood blocks had to be so precise in order to fit as a sphere that Allan had to consult a mathematics professor in Denmark to get the precise angles.

Allan moved from Denmark to the United States in 2002 and settled in Denver where he now has 20 years' experience in window and door installation. In his home workshop, though, one of the tools he uses most is his Jet Mini lathe, turning such exotic woods as leopardwood, padauk, and purple heart into gorgeous bowls and lids. You'll often see him around Colorado at arts and crafts fairs where he sets up a booth to sell these unique trays and lidded bowls.

Allan started installing windows and doors as a journeyman apprentice here in the Denver area in 1999, during which he learned all the tricks of the trade. After many years in the business he now works for himself under the trade name of Hane Dane Craft offering window and door installation at much lower rates than typical window companies charge.

Allan lives in Denver with his wife, Stephanie, and their two dogs. In their free time they enjoy traveling, league poker, and disc golf. Stephanie blogs about economic, blockchain, and cryptocurrency topics; she also handles Allan's job calendar. If Allan can help you in any way with your home remodeling needs, please contact us at: office@hanedanecraft.com . ⚽⚽⚽

Hane Dane Craft home page