Footbag Library: Cat’s Paw

Allan Petersen's Cat Paw footbag design

I started kicking footbag in 1983 and eventually earned six world championship titles. But in addition to kicking them, I love to design and sew together unique, geometric footbags…

This Cat’s Paw design came about when I realized I could sew the bags outward into these further, protruding dimensions. Each pad of the cat’s paw is an individual bag; they all come together in the center, similar to another of my designs called a Blister bag. The sides of each paw on this bag are ultra suede sewn into leopard faux fur for the face. Fill is plastic granulate.

A variation of this design, the Panther, was picked up by HackySack and distributed by Wham-O. They do give me credit for the design on the packaging:

Thanks for coming along with us! We’re Stephanie and Allan, making our way through middle age with a bit of hygge. #danishindenver

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